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Censor Rating: N/A
Star Cast: Sayaji Shinde, Kishore Kadam, Priya Berde, Vinay Apte, Amey Wagh, Uday Sabnis
Director: Pravin Raja Karale
Language: Marathi
Release Date: Fri 06 Apr 12

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Moneyball is the story of how Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) tries to put a successful baseball team together on a shoestring budget. Billy is the owner of the Oakland Athletics, and he has a budget that is about one third that of some of the Major League Baseball teams. In the face of such an immense financial handicap, Billy comes up with a radical solution. He partners with Peter Brand (Jonah Hill), a young statistician, who advocates the use of a purely statistical method of putting together a successful team. Can Billy and Peter beat the odds and prevail? Ths only way to find out, and that is by booking your tickets on KyaZoonga right now.

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