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Gattu (Hindi)

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Censor Rating: U
Star Cast: Sarvasva, Mohammad Samad Singh, Naresh Kumar, Bhura
Director: Rajan Khosa
Language: Hindi
Release Date: Thu 26 Jul 12

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Gattu is too poor to go to school and he's not the most honest kid, but he works very hard at a scrap yard belonging to 'uncle', a man that bought him years ago from his sick father. Gattu loves flying kites and always looks to run away so that he can do so. One ominous kite called Kali dominates the sky. Gattu wants to win the local kite flying competition though, and a dramatic battle sees Gattu use every trick in the book to win. But when he chooses to tell the truth, the story really comes into its own. Book your tickets for Gattu on KyaZoonga.

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