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Chintoo (Marathi)

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Censor Rating: U
Star Cast: Shubhankar Atre, Suhani Dadhphale, Animesh Padhye, Ved Ravade, Nishant Bhavsar, Rumani Khare
Director: Shrirang Godbole
Language: Marathi
Release Date: Fri 18 May 12

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Chintoo is a sweet kid and is wildly popular. Together with his friends Pappu, Raju, Baglya, Neha and Sonu,they are the 'Wanarwede Warriors', and the one major plan they have for their summer vacation is to beat their bitter rivals 'Vinchoo biters', but to do that Chintoo's team must strengthen itself further. They manage to do so, but on the day of the match, Guru, a rogue, sets up a small Chinese eatery on the premises and the children protest against this injustice. The business is illegitimate, but the adults don't mind as they get Chinese food within the housing complex. All efforts to try and get their ground back fails, but then Chintoo comes up with an idea. Book your tickets for Chintoo at KyaZoonga and you can find out just what the big idea was!

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